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Add notes in bulk?

geojono says:
Hello - I have a selection of tasks that I want to add a note to, the same note for each of the tasks. Is it possible to add notes in bulk? I didn't see it in the Bulk Update field options.

If this is not currently possible, can it be added to the list of updates for a later version?

Posted at 1:30pm on April 14, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi geojono,
Thanks for getting in touch.

It's not possible to add multiple notes currently, but thanks for your feedback! I've passed this along to the development team.

If it helps at all, the easiest way to do something like this currently would be when adding the tasks, e.g. to use email import to copy/paste the note, e.g.

Task 1 details //paste note here
Task 2 details //paste note here

Hope this helps a bit!
Posted 16 weeks ago
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