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Crashing at login

bonato says:

I have a new phone (Xiaomi Mi 9 SE) running Android 9.

I'm trying to login to my RMT account, but the app keeps crashing immediately after I enter username and password.

I am able to see the screen with the "running milk box" for a second, and then the app disappears.
Posted at 10:41pm on February 15, 2020
nikogr says:
Same Problem with my new phone: Samsung S10. With the olf phone A5 no problem.
Posted 3 years ago
nikogr says:
Please if anyone has an Idea: I need the app! Since many year I am pro user and no problem. And now?!! I can't open the new installed app. I did all: I reinstalled it 10 times, I choose a new password, I created a new account, I used my old device (A5). No Chance the app always closes!
In the browser: no problem. I writing with you since 10 days: no solution!
Anyone an idea?!
Posted 3 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi bonato and nikogr,
We're investigating this currently, and apologize for the inconvenience.

bonato, are you able to log in to the web app in your browser if you open that? That'd be helpful to know in case that's not working either.

(nikogr, thanks for emailing us already and keeping us updated with your details!)
Posted 3 years ago
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