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Wider side menu

radoszabelian says:
Hey guys,
I'm just curious that is there a way to resize the side menu to make it wider? (Or is there a planned feature for that?) My list names are sometimes longer than the available space to be displayed on the menu.
Best regards,
Posted at 11:08am on February 11, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi radoszabelian,
It's not currently possible to change the width of the left navigation bar but you can mouse over a list name to show the full name, if that helps a bit.

You can submit this in our Ideas forum for others to vote on too, where we'd post any updates or changes too.

Thanks for your feedback!
Posted 1 year ago
creatievevrienden says:
I was wondering the same. Because the main focus for us is the list, and the names are all longer then can fit into the column in the list menu. On the left we have lots of space that we don't use (the column with the task).

It would be GREAT if we could drag the columns width.
Posted 1 year ago
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