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Quirky behavior with RTM app for iOS

mwyadartm says:
I'm a longtime user and fan of RTM.

I primarily use the desktop app (for Windows 10) and the mobile app (for iPhone).

In the past month (or so) the iOS app has been flaky for me:

- Sometimes the mobile sync has been taking an extra long time (say 2 minutes) even though I only changed one task on the desktop. (This scenario normally syncs in about 5 seconds.)

- Normally if I have the desktop and mobile apps open at the same time: if I make a change, the other one will sync automatically within a few seconds. Lately it doesn't seem to do this, and I have to force a sync.

- Mobile app has crashed at launch several times.

I'm using the latest production version of RTM on both devices. I'm not set-up for RTM beta. I'm using current versions of iOS and Windows 10.

I have the same options selected that I've always had. On the mobile app for example, under SYNC, the Schedule is set to "Auto" and Sync is set to "Completed 1 Month Back."

Anyone else seeing quirky sync behavior?
Posted at 4:52pm on December 3, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mwyadartm,
Sorry you've experienced these problems this month!

Is the syncing working, just more slowly? If it's only taking longer or not starting on its own, that may be related to some ongoing iOS issues we're looking in to.

Keep me posted on what you find and we'll see what else we need to look at this week!
Posted 1 year ago
mwyadartm says:
Ok... yes, that would probably explain why sync hasn't been happening automatically.

As for the crashing, I've removed and reinstalled the mobile app... hopefully that will fix it.

Many thanks for the reply.
Posted 1 year ago
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