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See both completed and un completed tasks at same time.

lbd617 says:
I have tried "remember the milk now for a little over a year... I like a lot of it, but still am not happy about this one issue.... and I did not renew my "professional version", because this has not been addressed yet....

I wrote about this a while ago.. like 6 months or so.. and have not heard back.

I would like to have BOTH completed and un completed tasks displayed... I have ADD, and like to have the positive feed back, of seeing tasks "crossed off" my list. Will that ever be offered by Remember the milk?

If not, I will unfortunately have to look for another software solution.
Posted at 8:01pm on April 23, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi lbd617,
Thanks for getting in touch. We appreciate your feedback.

We had responded to your previous forum topic about this, but let us know if we missed anything else. (We respond to every message and forum post in the Help forums.)

If you haven't yet, you can vote for this idea in our Ideas forum as well.

Thanks again for your feedback!
Posted 1 year ago
lbd617 says:
Wow.. I m sorry I did not see that 10 year old topic before.
I "voted" for it.... and also added this to the topic:

Wow. Over 10 years.

I will repeat my points here, and in the post I created.

For many people, especially people with ADD, the ability to see progress being made is essential to keeping up a good attitude, and to stay focused and motivated. As many people have said(Apparently over the last 10 years!!) this is a feature that you would expect in a functional task list tool.

While there are many feature that i have liked during the last year and a half i was using RTM, I will not renew my professional subscription with out this feature, and I will now actively start looking for an alternative.

I honestly hope you address this before I find something else, but I guess I am not hopeful, since it looks like it has been a topic for over TEN YEARS.
Posted 1 year ago
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