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intermittent reminder

mrsendnoodles says:
I got this app for my adhd child, but I cannot find a way for the reminder sound to repeat until she turns it off. Is this possible? If she doesn't have her phone beside her she'll miss it all together. Please advise.
Posted at 4:42pm on January 18, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mrsendnoodles,
Thanks for getting in touch. Currently intermittent reminders are not available, but it is possible to add multiple reminders for a specific task, e.g. 4 reminders automatically with a start and due time: "5 minutes before a task starts, when a task starts, 5 minutes before a task is due, when a task is due"

It's also possible to add individual reminders, though these would be manually added.

You can see more about those in our help page about when reminders are available.

Depending on which apps you're using, you can also set reminders to stay on screen, e.g. with the desktop app or with mobile apps on the lock screen or in notifications.

Hope this helps a bit!
Posted 1 year ago
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