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iCal syncs but all "events" have a one hour duration

hamlinsw says:
I can't believe this isn't a repeat, but I can only find one reference to the issue in the forums. That one suggests a work-around, but not a solution.

I tried subscribing to an RTM list (using the "events" address) in google calendar, iCloud calendar, and on my iPhone. Every event is one hour long. I tried setting start and stop times as well as setting an estimate/duration. Nothing helps. iCal would be a great feature, if the user could control the start and stop time of the event/task.

I saw a post where someone wrote a script to work-around this, but that isn't a very elegant answer. Is there something that I am missing? Fixing this would allow RTM to serve as an authoritative source for all of an individual's time and task management information. iCal subscription is the only way, that I can think of, around the fact that RTM is not a calendar service, only task/todo. When you look at a future date in RTM, you can never tell if you are busy, because you don't see future events/tasks until they have re-spawned following their due date or completion.

I know the I'm trying to turn RTM into a full PIM app. In fact, I keep some notes in it too. I love the app, and I'm trying to squeeze all of the functionality of it that I can. :-) Thanks!
Posted at 8:04pm on December 22, 2018
hamlinsw says:
Since my post, I have found this link ( It appears that the 1-hour duration is intentional on the part of RTM.
Posted 4 weeks ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi hamlinsw,
Yes, as you found in that previous post that's currently expected behavior.

Let us know if we can help with anything else too!
Posted 19 days ago
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