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iCal syncs but all "events" have a one hour duration

hamlinsw says:
I can't believe this isn't a repeat, but I can only find one reference to the issue in the forums. That one suggests a work-around, but not a solution.

I tried subscribing to an RTM list (using the "events" address) in google calendar, iCloud calendar, and on my iPhone. Every event is one hour long. I tried setting start and stop times as well as setting an estimate/duration. Nothing helps. iCal would be a great feature, if the user could control the start and stop time of the event/task.

I saw a post where someone wrote a script to work-around this, but that isn't a very elegant answer. Is there something that I am missing? Fixing this would allow RTM to serve as an authoritative source for all of an individual's time and task management information. iCal subscription is the only way, that I can think of, around the fact that RTM is not a calendar service, only task/todo. When you look at a future date in RTM, you can never tell if you are busy, because you don't see future events/tasks until they have re-spawned following their due date or completion.

I know the I'm trying to turn RTM into a full PIM app. In fact, I keep some notes in it too. I love the app, and I'm trying to squeeze all of the functionality of it that I can. :-) Thanks!
Posted at 8:04pm on December 22, 2018
hamlinsw says:
Since my post, I have found this link ( It appears that the 1-hour duration is intentional on the part of RTM.
Posted 6 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi hamlinsw,
Yes, as you found in that previous post that's currently expected behavior.

Let us know if we can help with anything else too!
Posted 6 months ago
martonz says:
Don't help us with anything else. Help us with this.
Events have start date and due date. I have a list of events. I have URL of event iCalendar. But in calendar I see only one hour events which start at due time. What's the point? It is useless. Update with start time was three years ago. It is very frustrating.
Posted 5 months ago
martonz says:
hamlinsw, please share a link of post where someone wrote a script to work-around this.
Posted 5 months ago
dembo says:
That is indeed a bit disappointing. I was hoping that I would be able to structure my day a bit better pulling my RTM tasks into my work calendar and assigning time slots to them first thing in the morning. The potential is there using start time, duration and even due by but the one hour default messes everything up. :(
I am pretty sure I can replicated almost everything that e.g. Asana can do in Remember the Milk but you guys need to get away from these default assumptions and use your possibilities to the fullest.
Posted 15 weeks ago
danielcormier says:
Events also have an estimate, which seems like a no-brainer (and simple!) to use for the calendar event duration.
Posted 14 weeks ago
scotiaking says:
I have been trying to get this to work in some way or another for months.
Posted 11 weeks ago
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