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Losing subtasks by not renewing Pro?

harmbakker82 says:
Hey fellas, I wanted to ask what changes I will see in my lists if I don't renew the Pro membership/account.
I don't mind if label colors dissappear for example, but I'd like to know what happens to subtasks?

Thanks in advance <3
Posted at 9:31am on November 27, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi harmbakker82,
Your subtasks are hidden when your Pro ends. (Likewise your tag colors are hidden and—if your account age predates February 2016—your completed tasks older than 7 days ago are hidden.)

Nothing is ever deleted, so (for example) a temporary lapse in Pro wouldn't lose any account data.

If you intend not to use Pro/subtasks going forward, it'd be possible to reorganize your subtasks so you could continue to access those tasks. Here's an example of how you could do that:
* Search for isSubtask:true to find all your subtasks. (Optionally, you can save this as a Smart List to return to.)
* Drag those to your other lists in the left navigation bar of the web/desktop app.
* Repeat as necessary with any further subtasks, e.g. subtasks of subtasks.
* You want to get to the point where your subtask search shows up empty.

We're happy to help if anything unforeseen happens too!
Posted 11 months ago
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