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MacOS desktop app Smart Add as part of Alfred workflow?

devnall says:
I'm looking for a way to use or duplicate the functionality of the MacOS desktop app's Smart Add feature inside of an workflow. That is, instead of hitting CMD+OPT+M to open the RtM smart add box, I'd like to invoke Alfred, type something like "rtm Buy 2% milk" and have that pass my "Buy 2% milk" task through to the RtM desktop app. Does the app have a custom protocol/URLHandler that would allow me to pass requests along to the RtM app (e.g. `open rememberthemilk:///new?task="Buy 2% milk"` or something like that)?

I've been using + to create new tasks via Alfred for a while, and can continue to do so, but it'd be nice to remove the dependencies if I can do it more natively.
Posted at 3:35am on November 21, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi devnall,
Thanks for getting in touch. It may be possible to use Alfred workflows to add tasks with fewer dependencies (e.g. by generating an email to your Remember The Milk Inbox address).

It would be worth checking to see if one of these already exists. I think Alfred features some on their website and offers fellow users to share workflows in their forums. While we're not aware of one offhand, one may already exist! :)

Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.
Posted 9 months ago
devnall says:
Hi andrewski, thanks for the response. I already have a working Alfred workflow for adding tasks that uses the RtM API and I'm mostly fine with sticking with it.

Really, I was just curious if the RtM desktop app for Mac had a URLHandler or AppleScript hooks or some other way to interact with it programmatically. Do you know if that's possible? Thanks!
Posted 9 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi devnall,
I don't believe so, but I will double-check with the development team, and pass this on as a request if not. :)

Thanks for the feedback all around!
Posted 9 months ago
peter.smulders says:
Depending on your own skill set, you might be well served by combining any of the existing command line tools and have Alfred call a Bash script that it hands all the parameters to.

NB: if you save a bash script with a .command extension, it becomes an executable file in OS X (i.e. double clicking to execute it, launching it from Alfred, etc). I do this all the time with custom scripts that open all kinds of Chrome profiles and sets of URLs.

You would still have a dependancy on the command line tool, but that is pretty hands-off as soon as the script works.

Years ago, I started working on a pure bash implementation of getting Smart Add syntax into the API, but I never finished it.

Frankly, I am happy using Alfred and the RTM Desktop app side by side, with the trigger keys almost the same.
Posted 8 months ago
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