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How to print list including subtasks?

mikecrum246 says:
Is it possible to print a list including all subtasks assigned to tasks in that list? It sure would be helpful to have this ability.
Posted at 6:55pm on October 12, 2018
apgordon says:
Hey Mike,

If you just want a list of all the subtasks in a List, you can use something like:
list:YourList AND isSubtask:true

If you want a list of all the tasks and subtasks in a List, you can use:
list:YourList AND (isSubtask:true OR isSubtask:false)

If you want the list of both tasks and subtasks with some fancy indentation to show you which subtasks "belong" to which parent tasks... I'm not sure how to do that / if it's possible. :)
Posted 6 months ago
pszaro says:
@mikecrum246 - Not sure it can be done.
Posted 6 months ago
(closed account) says:
Posted 6 months ago
clarkeystu says:
I want this too!!
To be able to print 'all tasks' and have any subtasks printed as indents under the main task.
Posted 14 weeks ago
muwocad says:
This is an many years old entry. Not customer friendly.
Bad Subtask handling. I need a printed list over all structure levels, because I need task-lists for multi-project management. Only one structure level is not enough for me.
I am pro - but now I will look for another solution like ToDoist or microsoft todo. I am very disappointed about RTM. This is really not innovative.
Posted 13 weeks ago
muwocad says:
It looks like there is no further development.
Posted 13 weeks ago
carlwsmith1 says:
BOO! :(
Posted 3 weeks ago
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