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Prevent notifications from grouping in Android?

jcallaway says:
Is there a way to prevent multiple tasks from getting grouped into a single notification? For many tasks, I like to leave a notification in the shade as a reminder throughout the day until I'm ready to use the complete/postpone buttons on the notification. However, if multiple tasks share the same due date & time, then they are grouped into a single notification. This is a nuisance for a couple reasons:

1) Grouped notifications don't have complete/postpone buttons, so to take action on the tasks I have to open the app & hunt down each one
2) If I tap on the notification to launch the app, then the notification clears. If only one of the multiple tasks is ready for action, I no longer have the persistent notification in the shade to remind me

Currently to make this work I give each task a unique due date/time. It seems like the times must differ by more than 1-2 minutes in order to consistently prevent them from grouping, so I have tasks set to start at 8:00am, 8:03am, 8:06am, etc. That's hard to keep track of, so I end up with multiple tasks at 8:17am or whatever, & the problem is back

iOS appears to have "disable grouping" as an option in the OS itself, but some Googling makes it seem like this needs to be implemented by the app developer to work on Android.

I'm on a OnePlus 5 running Android 8.1.0 & RTM v4.2.7
Posted at 8:53pm on August 24, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jcallaway,
Currently tasks/reminders at the same time are "sent" as one notification, so I don't think grouping would make a difference here. Thanks for your feedback on that behavior though, which I've passed on to the development team.

Let us know if we can help with anything else in the meantime!
Posted 1 year ago
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