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Auto-reminders until due date

ekwohl610 says:
So far - LOVE this tool. Definitely helping me feel more organized already.

One request idea - it would be nice to be able to set a task and have a reminder every X number of days until the due date. I know you can individually set reminders on tasks for certain number of days before it's due, but this would be a repetitive reminder essentially.

For example: if i set a task due 1 month from now, but it's something I have to check/work on every other day, I would like to set a reminder that is "every 2 days UNTIL the due date". So basically every 2 days I get a reminder that says 'work on this task'.

Apologies if this was already submitted and I overlooked it.
Posted at 3:15am on August 22, 2018
valantha says:
Just a suggestion, but what about setting up a subtask that repeats every 2 days, with a reminder attached to that? You would set the parent due on the ultimate completion date, and the subtask should give you the progression reminders you're looking for.
Posted 10 weeks ago
ekwohl610 says:
Thanks valantha, that's a great idea - can't believe I didn't think of that... I'll be using this technique for sure - maybe it'll be added as a feature in the future.
Posted 10 weeks ago
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