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Showing Tasks due a specific time in today's past or next ten minutes.

jamesr404 says:
I'm trying to create a filter that will show me the tasks that are due a specifc time today, within the next 10 minutes or earlier today.
I do _not_ want to include the tasks due _any time_ today.

I thought this should do it;
DueAfter:"00:00" AND dueBefore:"10 minutes"

But any task that's due at 01:00 nor a task due in the next 5 minutes are shown. In fact, nothing is shown.

I'm sure I'm making some logical error.

Or did I discover a bug in the search?

Would appreciate a fresh set of eyes to look at this, thanks ! :-)
Posted at 1:32pm on June 8, 2018
robert.ward says:
I believe this is what you are looking for:

((dueBefore:now AND NOT dueBefore:“today 12:01AM”) OR (due:today AND dueAfter:now)) AND dueBefore:"10 minutes"

Which I adapted from this:
Posted 1 year ago
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