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Availability on the new Gmail?

luca.palli says:
The Gmail add-on will be available also for the new Gmail user interface launched this week?

Posted at 3:37am on April 28, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Luca,
Our add-on is not compatible with the new Gmail. If you want to use the Remember The Milk sidebar, you may want to switch back to the older Gmail for now.

We're checking out the preview version too, and we're eager to see what Google makes available for developers, so we'll post any updates or changes on our blog.

Let us know if we can ever help with anything else!
Posted 4 months ago
tkchuah says:
Any update on this yet ?
Posted 4 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi tkchuah,
We don't have an update on this currently but we will be sure to post about it when we do!
Posted 4 months ago
pedro.mora says:
Hi andrewski ,
and some news about this topic...

Posted 13 weeks ago
ruadog says:
Any update on this? I was switched to the new Gmail today and needed to switch back because I could not use RTM.
Posted 6 weeks ago
ornorm says:
Same for me. The new Gmail will come in two weeks for everybody so I'd like to know if RTM will still be usable for their users (maybe a new RTM extension for browsers?)
Thank you.
Posted 6 weeks ago
shurley says:
yup - Gmail just swapped me today as well. I really like your plugin for Gmail. I hope you can make it work with the new Gmail layout.
Posted 4 weeks ago
bernieke says:
+1 here
Posted 4 weeks ago
adam.mcfarland says:
+1 - I rely on this feature
Posted 4 weeks ago
moorepants says:
Posted 3 weeks ago
erauschenberg says:
When RTM is available as a fill marketplace app the new Gmail interface will be fantastic! +1 on this and on the full creation of app!
Posted 3 weeks ago
ruadog says:
Are we ever going to get an update on this?
I've been delaying switching to the new Gmail, but I assume they will eventually switch everyone whether they want it or not.
Posted 7 days ago
kajivar says:
Gmail is going to switch me over despite me not wanting to do so within a week. Is RTM going to work? I rely heavily on it, and it's the reason I have a Pro account.
Posted 2 days ago
timothydavie says:
+1 here, would love to see RTM as a new add-on in the new Gmail, thanks
Posted 2 days ago
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