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Smart list with subtasks where parent has a specific tag

limamedeiros says:
I'm trying to create a Smart list where subtasks belonging to a task that is tagged "someday" are excluded from it. Is this possible?
Posted at 9:07pm on November 26, 2017
robert.ward says:
Not in the way you describe. Unfortunately there is no way to search for a subtask based on what parent task it belongs to.

You would have to tag the subtasks with "someday" as well.

I've used API where I wrote a script to tag any subtask of a parent task with the same tag as the parent task.

So if a parent task has the "someday" tag, and I add a bunch of subtasks without any tags, the script will automatically add that "someday" tag to the subtasks as well. Let me know if you want more details than that.

Posted 12 months ago
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