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Task stops recurring unexpectedly

mwyadartm says:
I have a daily task, which uses "after one day" to automatically generate a new task. This has worked great for me for years. I can see the history in my "completed" section.

Nov 5 was the last recurrence. It took a few days before I noticed it. So on Nov 8 I created a brand new task with the same "after one day" recurrence.

I marked it complete, as always, but it didn't regenerate. I just noticed this.

If it only happened once, perhaps it was a human error. But it's happened twice now... and it's a daily task that I never delete. What happened?
Posted at 5:48am on November 14, 2017
apgordon says:
Hmmm. Weird -- esp since you're used that functionality before without a problem. Given what you've described, I'd expect that to regenerate with a due date of the following day.

I'd submit a ticket -- might need someone at RTM to take a closer look at your specifics.
Posted 2 years ago
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