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Sub tasks via Smart Add entry

plainclothes says:
When I'm creating a task via Smart Add on desktop or web, I often want to quickly enter a few sub-tasks right from the SA box so I don't forget the context of what's in my head and I can get back to the task at hand.

This scenario often hits me when I'm in the middle of a conference call or brainstorming with our product team at the whiteboard, laptop close at hand.

My current work around is to layer these tasks right into the running note I have up in Evernote. Later, I parse those more complex tasks out to RTM -- I've already entered the basic ones directly, sometimes via Quicksilver out of habit.

It's worth noting that the Smart Add box is the #1 reason I stick with RTM (smart lists are a close second). This enhancement would take it so far beyond the competition, they might as well throw in the towel and cry 😭
Posted at 12:54am on October 11, 2017
plainclothes says:
Here's an example of notation that would seem natural to me:

I also left out one other work around I use as often as anything else: I just enter the sub tasks as a note. I'm less likely to forget to move the note to RTM, but very unlikely to create the sub-tasks later.
Posted 2 years ago
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