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Daily Digest email of high priority items?

daneichenwald says:
Looks like the daily digest can only send those items which start or end today/tomorrow/upcoming 7 days. Is there some way I can have it send me all of my high priority items? Or more generally, the items in a tag(s) of my choice?

Posted at 4:30pm on March 7, 2016
robert.ward says:
I think it just as you said. You only have these options in the Account Settings page:

- Overdue
- Tasks that start today
- Tasks that start tomorrow
- Tasks that start in the upcoming 7 days
- Tasks that are due today
- Tasks that are due tomorrow
- Tasks that are due in the upcoming 7 days

I agree it would be nice to have more options available as to what can be sent in the digest.
Posted 5 years ago
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