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Out of sync

brandon.stafford says:

I've just upgraded to Pro and am having a tough problem.

I synced my iPad with RTM - which in turn synced with my phone. Unfortunately I hadn't setup my timezone on and when the sync completed I had the tasks in and the iPhone app all with the dates 1 day ahead.

So, I changed the timezone in my settings on and resynced. But, still on the iPad I have the correct date, but and iPhone are one day ahead.

Please can you help?

Posted at 7:52pm on April 24, 2013
brendan says:
Hi brandon.stafford,
Now that the timezones match, resetting the due dates on the iPad should correct them on all platforms after you sync.

For example, on the iPad, you could use multi-edit to select all your tasks due today, then tap More > Edit Due Date. "Today" should be selected by default, so you can just tap Done. This will initiate a sync and reset the due dates for all the selected tasks.

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
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