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Repeating every month on the 30th will skip February!

dancheng says:
Repeating every month on the 30th will skip February. I don't know if this was intended behavior (I didn't check if repeating on the 31st will skip every other month), but it seems dangerous to me if I expect to get a task every month and didn't realize I had to use the 28th or earlier to do that. I'm not sure what the proper implementation is though without making it confusing (switching to the 28th for Feb and back to the 30th in March?)

Scouring the help pages, I noticed that there is an option to "repeat every month on the last Friday," for instance, but is there a way I can repeat every month on the last day of the month (or second to last day of the month etc)?
Posted at 7:34pm on February 26, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi dancheng,
We don't have a "last of the month" repeat option, sorry.

This is on our list to investigate. In the meantime, you may want to change your tasks to repeat on the 28th, or to duplicate your tasks for each month and set them to repeat yearly. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Posted 5 years ago
echarles says:
If you want to get a task on the last day of the month, I've figured out that you can do it with six tasks. Can't seem to get it down to fewer than that!

Set up one for the next month with 31 days. So right now I'd set it up for March 31st. Set the repeat to monthly. This task will show up only on months with 31 days.
Set up a task for 28th February and set it to repeat yearly. (You'll just have to postpone it in a leap year!
Set up 4 tasks, one each for the 30 day months of April, June, September and November. Set them to repeat yearly.

It's kind of a pain that it has to be six different tasks and not just one, but this will get a task to show up on the last day of each month.

If you did want it to be the 30th on every month except Feb, then you can do it with just two - a monthly one for the 30th and an annual one for Feb 28th only.
Posted 5 years ago
tl00reme says:
RTM: This is a major oversight that needs to be fixed! How can you have the last Monday of the month but not the last DAY of the month?! Please fix this!
Posted 5 years ago
hollick says:
I agree that this is a pretty major issue. I have a "repeat after 1 month" task that I just happened to complete March 31. I was thinking it was about time to give my dog her Frontline and I found in a search that this task wasn't going to show up again until May 31. So this isn't just an issue if you want to repeat on the last day of the month - it can also hit you if you have something that happens to slide there unintentionally.
Posted 5 years ago
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