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Netvibes Module Broken for a long while...

(closed account) says:
Are you guys still supporting it???
Posted at 2:52pm on February 1, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi carlos.giha,
Sorry about this. This is on our list to investigate. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!
Posted 5 years ago
jpcabrales says:
In the meantime, I've managed to use the iGoogle module on Netvibes:

1. Add content - Essential widgets -Web Page - Add to my page.
2. Once added, go to the settings of the Web Page widget and change the URL to:
3. Choose your desired value for the widget's height (I have mine at 600), keep the Scrolling to Auto, and you may change the Title to "Remember the Milk." Click OK.
4. The RTM module should now be working.

Hope that helps!

P.S. To the RTM guys, please don't remove your iGoogle module even when that imminent day comes when iGoogle is no more. Thank you.
Posted 5 years ago
cory.panshin says:
I'll try that iGoogle fix -- but meanwhile I've been struggling with the new NetVibes widget and finding it even more of a pain that the last one. It's one advantage is that the box is slightly bigger, so that I can now see 11 lines instead of only 6. But it still cuts off after that -- and there's no scrollbar, so the only way to see later tasks is by using Tab to move down one task at a time and then Shift-Tab to go back up.

But the part that's worse is that it's no longer simple to have multiple widgets for different lists. I can set them to be different -- but whenever I update one by completing or postponing a task, the other one resets to be the same and I have to open Settings and change it back..

I've also been having trouble getting the widget to remember me, so that I have to reenter my name and password and log back in every time I open my browser. I'm still fiddling around with protecting cookies, and maybe that will help -- but checking "remember me" definitely doesn't. I was getting a new saved password every time I logged on, each one with a slightly different URL that didn't work the next time. Very frustrating!
Posted 5 years ago
cory.panshin says:
Also, it's no longer possible to get to the Remember the Milk website by clicking the title of the widget. It's still possible on the iGoogle version -- which is why I was reminded of it when I installed it just now. But the only way I've found to do it with the official NetVibes widget is to click on a single task, which opens my RtM page to that task, and then proceed from there.
Posted 5 years ago
camerojo says:
The fact that the RTM widget on Netvibes logs me off every time the browser refreshes makes it pretty unusable for me. I don't want to spend my whole day logging into the RTM widget.
Posted 5 years ago says:
Camerojo: Yep. I agree. Try the jpcabrales work around. That works for me. Remembers my password and "600 height" is a more useful size.
Posted 5 years ago
copperschnack says:
Hi, are there any news about this. iGoogle is going out of service. It would be great to have a replacement for the iG widget on netvibes. Thanks.
Posted 5 years ago
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