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Postponements not postponing

mattkimberley says:
Hi, I've got a glitch with a handful of tasks that I have "repostpone" every day. I push them back - in bulk - to a date a week from now, yet every morning they reappear as being one day overdue.

Any ideas?
Posted at 10:41am on January 31, 2013
mattkimberley says:
EDIT: just noticed that these are four tasks that were created by email.
Posted 5 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mattkimberley,
Would it be possible to check this page for some details that may help make your tasks postpone correctly.

If that doesn't help, please contact us at the bottom of that page and we'll get in touch by email so we can discuss some more specific things.

Hope that helps!
Posted 5 years ago
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