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Case sensitive search syntax

iwaddo says:

New to RTM (well actually I've resurrected an old login from years ago) and have upgraded to Pro and gifted my son a licence - must be all that Christmas cheer!

Anyway, I noticed the following

isrepeating:true - works on iPad and not web
isRepeating:true - works on both

Personally I think case sensitivity is unnecessary but if it is going to be there then it should be consistent and enforced when the search is created or saved.

I searched the forum and found this to be a known error on the to be fixed list but that was years ago, I've created a new post as the original one is closed.

Now I know about it I wont spend ages trying to fix future searches or moaning about a poor app but fixing it might just save some other poor newbie some time and give a better initial impression.

To end on a positive note, loving the app(s) (iPAd, iPhone, web and Blackberry) and enjoying learning how to progress from a basic list keeper to a GTD type implementation which I've been reading about and practising in many ways for a few years now.

Posted at 9:11am on January 1, 2013
brendan says:
Hi iwaddo,
Glad to hear you're liking the mobile apps! :)

At this time, all search operators are case sensitive, but thanks for letting us know you found this confusing. I'll make sure the development team gets your feedback on this.

Posted 5 years ago
iwaddo says:
Great, thank you.

Just to be clear, the search operators are NOT case sensitive on the iPad app?

Posted 5 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi iwaddo,
The search operators may work without being case sensitive in the iPad app, but we'd suggest using the proper case to ensure that your Smart Lists work the same in all places. Hope that answers your question!
Posted 5 years ago
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