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Can you view all lists in a single page?

richard.rosetti says:
Is it possible to view all of my lists at once? (I don't mean just all tasks, which does not show which list each task belongs to.)

It makes it hard to review all of my lists when I have to keep switching back and forth between tabs in the web app.
Posted at 1:29pm on December 20, 2012
brendan says:
Hi richard.rosetti,
It's not possible to view all your tasks separated or sorted by list, sorry.

However, as you mentioned, you can view all tasks at once. When you view the details of each task, you'll be able to see which list it's in.
Posted 6 years ago
richard.rosetti says:
Thanks for the response brendan. As a workaround I think I'll just open multiple copies of the web app in different browsers for now. It's really just during my weekly review that it's an issue.
Posted 6 years ago
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