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Multiple 'Inbox''s ??

caprica32 says:
Is it just wrong to have several inbox's that serve as default lists for different contexts? I understand that the Inbox is the default list for new tasks.What I want is a separate inbox for my work. So let's say I create a new list (not a smart list) for work called CompanyX. For all untagged tasks that belong to my work, I first create them in my list called 'CompanyX' list. Then I go there and start filtering/tagging these tasks.

Are there different ways to accomplish this? Or does this just flouts the GTD paradigm.

The reason I'm trying to create a separate inbox for work is that I usually share my screen with my team during meetings (on the overhead projector) and I don't like others to see whats in my personal Inbox while I tag my tasks away.

thanks a bunch in advance for your help.

ps: I mined the forum for answers, but didn't really find anything relevant.

Posted at 9:56am on December 8, 2012
brendan says:
Hi caprica32,
There are probably a lot of different opinions on this but, personally, I don't see anything wrong with using your "CompanyX" list as a kind of "work inbox". :)

As for displaying your task list during meetings, if you just need to show the tasks to your team and not modify them, you may want to look into publishing your work list. When you view a published list, it's displayed by itself so your personal lists won't be shown at all.
Posted 6 years ago
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