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icalendar as a log? and other ical questions

milkmaid88 says:
Newby here, but I've been playing around with RTM for the past couple of days. I have a few questions about using the icalendar subscriptions.

1) I'm using an iphone and ipad. Is my native calendar app considered ical? Reason I'm asking is because I can't figure out where to manage in delete some of them. And I don't see a place to manage them in my calendar app nor on the RTM web interface...or anywhere.

2) Is there for completed tasks to show up as events on my calendar? I was really hoping to use RTM as a record keeping app more than anything. I know about the ability to print lists online, but I was hoping to use the calendar views on my ipad and outlook as well.

If #2 isn't possible, I'm thinking of creating lists to move completed tasks to. But that is very cumbersome and I was hoping there was an easier way.

Posted at 3:50am on December 2, 2012
milkmaid88 says:
#2 should say, "Is there a way for completed tasks to show up on my calendar.....not just planned tasks. But completed ones as well?
Posted 4 years ago
milkmaid88 says:
I have figured out how to unsubscribe (in the iPad settings)
Posted 3 years ago
brendan says:
Hi milkmaid88,
Glad to hear you found out how to remove subscriptions.

The iCalendar Events feed doesn't include completed tasks. It only includes tasks that are incomplete and have a due date. If you'd like to see completed tasks included in the feed, you may want to vote for this suggestion in our Ideas forum.

Thanks for your feedback!
Posted 3 years ago
milkmaid88 says:
Thanks brendan. I most definitely would like to see that feature. For now, I'm working on a work around solution. RTM is the BOMB!
Posted 3 years ago
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