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iCalendar (Events) feed for completed tasks

ddosen says:
This is for the retentive folks out there - When I complete tasks, I like to see what I've accomplished. Lists are fine, but I want to see it in a calendar application.

We can show all the tasks we will work on in the future via a calendar feed and that's a great feature, especially when you add a due time and estimate for a task. The problem is, once you complete the task, it's removed from your list, and therefore removed from the calendar when you sync next. You can't monitor your progress in a calendar! So, what if you allowed for the publishing of completed tasks in a calendar feed. You could then see a record of what you've done in this view.

I can't create a feed out of completed tasks, because the in RTM won't let me. Why not? I'd be happy to subscribe to two calendars - one for future tasks, and one for past tasks...

Can you make this change?
Posted at 5:09pm on October 1, 2009
thc says:
I would whole-heartedly support this feature, as I think it would be helpful to know what I've completed - gives me a sense of purpose if you will. Is this in the works? Can it be done?
Posted 11 years ago
ariadne_cycles says:
I agree, there's something very satisfying about seeing all your completed, ticked-off tasks.
Posted 11 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
A workaround that is sometimes suggested is to mark a task as completed not by checking it off, but by adding a complete tag to it. You then suppress items tagged complete from your active lists and have the tasks tagged completed still appear on the calendar. An odd workaround, but it might do what you want.
Posted 11 years ago
milkmaid88 says:
I absolutely need this feature. One of the biggest things I like about RTM is the ability to print lists of completed tasks by tag, by list, or whatever. I have a farm, and it is nice to have a history for each animal.

However, what would make it even sweeter is if I could see the completed tasks in calendar format. Most farmers keep a handwritten calendar of breedings, heats, kiddings, medications, etc. How cool would it be if my ToDo app kept that log for me automatically.

There are ways to convert RSS feed to iCal feed, and I may use that for now. I don't like the converter I've tried because it doesn't update completed tasks if they are deleted.
Posted 8 years ago
milkmaid88 says:
I think the same kind of record would serve any business person well.
Posted 8 years ago
milkmaid88 says:
Or homeschool mom who would like a record of each child's school. Endless possibilties. A list is nice, but it doesn't really show annual trends or give you a nice visual overview the way a calendar does.
Posted 8 years ago
jpirie says:
I'd love this feature, it's very useful for me to see which tasks have been completed in the calendar as well as those which have not.
Posted 7 years ago
rich_zigo says:
There really should be an option to enable this. I was just looking at my Google Calendar and wondering why an event (RTM task) wasn't showing up.

Just because something has completed, doesn't mean it should automatically be hidden from your calendar - all other non-RTM events in my calendar are still there when they're in the past!
Posted 4 years ago
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