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Repeat until and iCalendar

karas.p says:
When I create repeating Task with until, it shows event ocurrences in iCalendar even after until date.

For example:
I create repeating task with:
Buy milk today *every week until 1/1/2013

And in events iCalendar feed (in Google Calendar, or Apple iCal) I see events repeating even after 1/1/2013.
Posted at 1:08pm on November 28, 2012
brendan says:
Hi karas.p,
The end date for the series is not currently included in the iCalendar feed, so these repeating events repeat past their "until" date. This issue is on our list to investigate.

Once all the tasks are completed and the series stops repeating, the event will disappear entirely from your calendar.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.
Posted 6 years ago
karas.p says:
Ok, thanks for info
Posted 6 years ago
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