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Security of User Data?

raimundd says:

how secure are the user data including the tasks and everything stored? If I use RTM for my tasks at work it is really an issue for me!
I searched through the forum and found only a 3 year old entry with no reply

Posted at 12:31pm on November 20, 2012
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You can use the https setting in order to increase security.
Posted 6 years ago
(closed account) says:
Your data can be encrypted in transit, but it is not encrypted on RTM's servers. There is no way to selectively encrypt some information the way Evernote allows you to do. Therefore your data theoretically can be seen by others who have or gain access to your account.

RTM does indeed say not to store sensitive information like credit card info or passwords here.

Separate from passwords and other truly sensitive information, you can paint an extremely detailed portrait of yourself just by the notes you keep. The real question is, well, is anybody really interested in YOU? Are you protected by the anonymity of the crowd? Is anyone willing to look up your data specifically?

If you worry that someone (like the police, for example) will go to RTM and access your data, then your data is not secure. If however, someone is randomly looking for interesting stuff among RTM users, then your data is probably unexceptional (no offence meant), and the chances of them reading your information is probably fairly small. But that's a judgment call for you to make.

If you are looking for a cloud wide, easy to use, task manager or note taker that encrypts all stored data, let me know - I haven't been able to find one. I eventually chose daily ease of use over the potential that my data will be seen by others.

Evernote provides a sort of band aid with selective encryption and an application called B-Folders encrypts everything you type in. But both are essentially storage apps. Neither has the task management features of RTM.
Posted 6 years ago
halloleo says:
I assume, @raimundd refers to the security of the data storage at RTM, not the security of the data transmission.

And I second him: How does RTM store our data (locations, etc) and what are their security measures (backup strategy, etc)? I'd appreciated some details.

Posted 6 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
As rajjan mentioned, you can use the "Always Use HTTPS" setting (available under the 'Settings' screen in your account) to make sure that your tasks are always encrypted when transferred to your browser. (Of course, passwords are always encrypted when sent over the Internet, and apps such as our Android, iPhone, and iPad apps, as well as all MilkSync apps, transfer all data over HTTPS for extra security).

Your data is stored securely and backed up in data centers in multiple geographic locations. Remember The Milk employees do not access the content of any task lists unless you specifically request us to do so (for example, if you're having technical difficulties accessing your account), or if legally required to do so. (There are more details on privacy in our privacy policy.)

While your data is stored securely, as jinnah mentioned, we don't recommend storing sensitive information such as logins or credit card details in Remember The Milk (or in any app not designed for that specific purpose!). This applies not only to Remember The Milk, but to any web app (e.g., Gmail) that was not designed for storing passwords or that type of sensitive information.

Hope this helps!
Posted 6 years ago
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