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Ongoing Support

dlzone says:
First of all I think that RTM is a great product. My problem is that I live in Google Apps Mail 9 hours a day and heavily rely on the integration. When it works it's one of the best productivity tools I have, but due to how frequently Google does code pushes I find myself in a lot of situations where the integration breaks. You're always good about getting it back up in a reasonable time, but any downtime is lost productivity for me.

Is there a long term plan for doing a more indepth integration that doesn't rely as heavily on the greasemonkey? I use other Google Mail / Chrome Extension integrations (for instance These don't have this issue, so it seems like there are ways to do it.

Another possibility is do you know if there is any options in Google Apps to freeze the Gmail code base? Can I do this on a local level by just not logging out of Gmail?
Posted at 7:34am on October 26, 2012
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi dlzone,
We don't have any announcements of any changes of plan right now, but thanks for your feedback on how you use the add-on within Gmail. We appreciate it!
Posted 8 years ago
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