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Searching multiple lists at once

m_hersee says:
I have around 10 lists, each for a separate project or area of my life.

My work lists are prefixed 'wk-' and my personal lists are prefixed 'ps-'

I use smart lists a lot to see what I need to do next and end up having very long or statements such as,

(location:home or or list:ps-Buy or list:ps-Food or list ps-Gifts or list:ps-Media or list:ps-Someday or list:ps-SuperFit or list:ps-NNForML)

Ideally I would like to be able to search for lists via a string e.g. list:contains:''ps-'

The lists I have keep changing so its laborious to keep manually updating the search criteria. I could also label every single task with a tag or location but that seems like an unnecessary step as I am using a list to define the task already.

Any ideas how to acheive this?
Posted at 4:36pm on October 9, 2012
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi m_hersee,
We don't currently offer a 'listContains' search operator; sorry for the inconvenience.

As you mentioned, organizing your work and personal tasks by tag would be the best workaround. Then you could use the tagContains search operator.

For what it's worth, this would be the same step in Smart Add, for example:

Call Freddy ^tomorrow #ps-Phone

would add to your current list or a tag if you had one.

Hope that helps!
Posted 6 years ago
m_hersee says:
Thanks for your reply.

I find it really useful using multiple lists, creating one per project as this makes it easy to follow GTD in RTM. I followed this article here and be using it for years!

Could listContains be something for a future update? should be pretty simple to implement I reckon.

Thanks again

Posted 6 years ago
brendan says:
Hi Matt,
We don't have any announcements right now about adding a listContains: search operator, but if you haven't already, you can vote for this idea here to show your support.

We'd love to hear any other ideas you have on how this operator should work, too.

Posted 6 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
I like this voting concept, helping you guys at RTM to develop what users want.

However, this idea was suggested in October 2008, 4 years ago! How long do we have to vote for new features - many users have left while waiting for them. This is such an easy improvement - couldn't take many hours for your team to fix???

While I'm at it (you shouldn't get me started ;-) you should also fix the calendar button on the website (getting a proper calendar when you click ico_calendar.gif) and also letting users get the key back if they accidentally removed it:
Posted 6 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi rajjan,
Thanks for your feedback. We don't have any announcements about specific features, but I assure you we are listening! :)
Posted 6 years ago
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