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Support for 34356667

paul.staal says:

Could you please take a look at support for 34356667. I'm really missing the option to make task from e-mails now :-) Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Posted at 11:01am on October 1, 2012
brendan says:
Hi Paul,
We'll need to update our add-on to handle Google's changes for this new version -- we'll get this updated as soon as we can.

Once we've updated it, we'll post on our Remember The Milk for Gmail status page.

Thanks for letting us know about this new version!
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
I've noticed that this version is "supported," but I experience a few issues even after turning all Labs features off. Ex: the task pane displays for my work GMail account (Google Apps), but not my personal GMail account.

I appreciate all of the effort you guys put into the GMail extension - keeping up with Goggle's rapid release cycle is not an easy feat!
Posted 8 years ago
brendan says:
Hi adam.kaplan10,
First, thanks very much! :)

The Gmail Browser Add-on stores preferences per account so it's possible that the task pane is simply hidden for your work account. To expand it, click on the small arrow on the right side of your Inbox.

It's also possible that your two Gmail accounts are using different versions of Gmail. You may want to verify that they are both using 34356667 (or another supported version).

Hope this helps!
Posted 8 years ago
paul.staal says:
Thank you Brendan for the quick update! Everything is working fine again :)
Posted 8 years ago
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