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Siri - RTM Sync

patrickdaniel says:
Hi just learned about the new sync with Siri and set it up right away.

It works, but only one way for me. When I create a task with Siri it shows directly on the RTM web version (it doesnt show right away on my phone because I dont have the pro version yet), but when I complete a task that Siri set through the reminders app, it doesn't update it on the web.

I guess the siri RTM sync only works properly with a pro version because then you can uncheck complete tasks through the RTM app?

Also how do I restore the reminders app? When I delete the RTM info that I added into calendar settings, I am not able to use Reminders anymore as RTM overrides the default calendar, and I am unable to create a new one.
Posted at 8:47pm on September 29, 2012
brendan says:
Hi patrickdaniel,
Tasks added via Siri are automatically pushed to Remember The Milk. However, there is no sync process in place between Reminders and Remember The Milk so you won't be able to complete your tasks from Reminders, sorry.

You are able to complete these tasks in the Remember The Milk iPhone app, as you mentioned, and the changes will sync to the web app. This will work with the free edition of the app as well but you are limited to one sync every 24 hours.

Can you give us some more details about what you mean by restoring the Reminders app? In order to use Siri integration, Remember The Milk will need to be set as the default list for Reminders.

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
hoolito says:
It does work the other way (with some time lag though). If you add a task through Siri and the check it as complete on the web or RTM iPhone app, it will eventually disappear from the Reminders app.
So there's no need to use the Reminders app actually...

Posted 11 years ago
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