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Gmail extension in Chrome

marioricciardelli says:
For some reason I cannot get the RTM task pane to show up in my gmail. I installed the extension properly in chrome and see a task tab in my gmail settings menu which says that I am using the correct version of gmail. The 'star to add a task' feature works fine.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I went through the troubleshooting tips and none of them work. FYI - I am using google apps with my own domain. Thanks!
Posted at 1:38pm on September 17, 2012
brendan says:
Hi marioricciardelli,
If the add-on seems to be functioning properly but the Tasks pane isn't being displayed, be sure that it isn't hidden. When the add-on is hidden, you'll see a thin bar on the right side of your screen with a small arrow pointing towards your Inbox. Click on the arrow to expand the Tasks pane.

Hope this helps!
Posted 8 years ago
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