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Font or background colors gmail pane

acuervofm says:

I just installed the gmail add-on and everything works fine but the font is barely readable becasue of my theme. I enjoy my theme very much because it changes every few hours so this means that my RTM pane will sometimes be visible. This could be easily resolved with a solid background, just like google's tasks pane. Can this be done?

To tell you the truth this is the only "but" RTM has and after several days of using and comparing with other task managers I thought I had finally found the one. Each task manager is missing a feature but RTM isn't this one is the most complete up to date only with this visibility issue.

Pease tell me this can be done, can it? I am tired of searching.

Thanks alot for the support and great tool.

Posted at 10:50pm on August 16, 2012
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Andres,
Glad to hear you're enjoying Remember The Milk and the Gmail add-on. Unfortunately it isn't currently possible to work around the few themes that have a troublesome color scheme/background, but I've added this to our list to investigate.

For what it's worth, the themes that we know about not working are: New Blue, Night Shade, Shiny, Beach, Mountains, Pebbles, Summer Ocean, Phantasea, Ninja, Orcas Island, High Score, and Turf
Posted 8 years ago
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