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Double SMS Reminders

wfvdc says:
Have a weird problem that started recently. I am getting duplicate SMS messages. I have both daily reminders and 15 minutes before the task starts reminders checked. So at my scheduled time for the daily reminder, I get 2 messages with the same information. This also happens every time I have a reminder set for a scheduled task. My provider is Verizon in the US.

Any thoughts?
Posted at 4:37pm on July 19, 2012
brendan says:
Hi wfvdc,
First, you may want try deleting the SMS reminders (using the trashcan icon on the Settings > Reminders screen) and then re-adding them. This will reset the reminder service.

If this doesn't help, would you be able to contact us so we can take a closer look?

Posted 11 years ago
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