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task notes on RTM for iPad not synching back to outlook correctly

sanovak3681 says:
I have been testing some functionality as I recently received an iPad - the task notes seem to move OK between the ipad and the web client, but not all changes to notes are syncing correctly to outlook .

Are you working on improving the synch on notes as they do not appear to work consistently with outlook synch
Posted at 6:26pm on June 3, 2011
brendan says:
Because Remember the Milk allows multiple notes per task, and Outlook only allows one note per task, MilkSync for Outlook uses a special syntax in the Outlook note field to indicate where notes start and end. The details of this syntax are described in the FAQ under the "How are notes for tasks handled by MilkSync?" section.

If this doesn't describe the behavior you're experiencing, would you mind giving us some additional details about the problems you're seeing?

Hope that helps!
Posted 12 years ago
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