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This week, today & tommorow icons

shai.inbal says:
First of all - great app! I highly enjoy it and love the multiple editing and smart listing. But I have a small problem with the three top icons on the left column.

Unlike the iPhone app, there's no way to rearrange or remove them, and I think they're all pretty similar. one two taps on the "This Week" icon shows the the tasks of today or tomorrow, and since it can be done from the same screen, i'd highly prefer if there was a way to only show the "This week" icon.

Furthermore, the "today" & "tomorrow" icons are informative & nice in the iPhone version because:

1. The text "today" and "tommorow" shows up,
2. The current day of the month appears on the icon.

Right now, there's no way I can remember which is which but to memorize the positions, or just ditch those two icons altogether and use the "this week" icon. The day number is just covered with the "uncompleted badge" bubble (way worse where there are more than 9 tasks).

I'll be glad for a fix on the next version. Maybe make the icons bigger, maybe an option to edit the positions or to remove icons, or maybe something else I haven't thought of yet.

Thanks and keep up the great work! The app is very nice, useful and stable.
Posted at 6:54pm on May 5, 2011
brendan says:
The today and tomorrow icons will always display the number of the current calendar day, so you may be able to use that to differentiate them.

Thanks for your feedback on the icons! We appreciate it.
Posted 13 years ago
gsrusso says:
Agree that the individual buttons aren't that helpful. One to tap for all date options would be cleaner.
Posted 13 years ago
spanky340 says:
I also think the icons should be bigger. It was the first thing I noticed about the app. Awkward to use.
Posted 13 years ago
brendan says:
gsrusso and spanky340,
Thank you both for your feedback on this as well.
Posted 13 years ago
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