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'Always use HTTPS' setting

Started by spidey01 General8 commentsLaunched

Support for 64-bit editions of Microsoft Outlook

Started by paul.bendall MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook9 commentsLaunched

Push sync

Started by itaysk Android app0 commentsLaunched

Sync changes immediately

Started by jhollington Android app0 commentsLaunched

Google OpenID

Started by pbeens General1 commentLaunched

Outlook sync

Started by chriswhite New apps785 commentsLaunched

Redesign favicon

Started by oliv26 Web app1 commentLaunched

Multitasking in iOS 4

Started by abonhote iPhone app1 commentLaunched

Better looking widgets

Started by alexlavr Android app15 commentsLaunched

Smart Add safety net

Started by abonhote iPhone app7 commentsLaunched

Auto-complete for Smart Add tags

Started by ianfong1000 Android app6 commentsLaunched

Easy task entry

Started by way2kewl Android app0 commentsLaunched

Smarter auto-sync

Started by jansona iPhone app16 commentsLaunched

Ability to tap the location in the task details view, and open in Google Maps

Started by benbramz iPhone app3 commentsLaunched

Shortcuts for Smart Add

Started by xtrimium iPhone app3 commentsLaunched

Uncomplete multiple tasks at once

Started by davidebbo iPhone app1 commentLaunched

Sync individual items when a change is made

Started by simensen iPhone app10 commentsLaunched

Lock rotation

Started by masaru1201 iPhone app5 commentsLaunched

Gmail add-on for Google Chrome

Started by paulpatr Gmail add-on41 commentsLaunched

Google Calendar sidebar gadget

Started by vjcamarena New integrations4 commentsLaunched