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Select start screen

Started by mschewe Android app16 commentsLaunched

2x2 widget

Started by matata Android app2 commentsLaunched

Support for Smart Add

Started by tim.adler iPhone app5 commentsLaunched

Quick task add

Started by aloshka iPhone app9 commentsLaunched

Android app

Started by waffletchnlgy New apps289 commentsLaunched

Include location when adding tasks

Started by dutchmilker Twitter0 commentsLaunched

Include tags when adding tasks

Started by visual.chutzpah Twitter7 commentsLaunched

Always available 'add task' field

Started by lousyd Web app1 commentLaunched

Improve task selection

Started by alex.turner Web app2 commentsLaunched

Include due dates and other properties in one line with the task name

Started by kevinv Email4 commentsLaunched

Include priority and other properties in one line with the task name

Started by philip.bartfield Gmail add-on5 commentsLaunched

Automatic multi-edit mode

Started by ascaaear Web app0 commentsLaunched

Include list when adding tasks

Started by rickypc Twitter3 commentsLaunched

Permanent multi-edit mode

Started by johnfoland Web app2 commentsLaunched

Using shorthand to add tasks

Started by phantroll Web app7 commentsLaunched

Facebook page

Started by vizionquest General1 commentLaunched

Push Notifications on OS 3.0

Started by iamscottiew iPhone app11 commentsLaunched

Support for Firefox 3.1 beta

Started by ketanmv Gmail add-on2 commentsLaunched

Support for Google Chrome

Started by fireweed Web app6 commentsLaunched

iPhone app

Started by arr New apps393 commentsLaunched