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Redesigned UI for the web app

oron.mizrachi says:

its time to put the old design to rest. maybe release an ipad-ish UI for the web

Posted at 12:01pm on May 26, 2011

iskin Pro says:

Yeah. Controls and font size is too small now. And iPad UI is so nice :'(.

Posted 3 years ago

ann13820 says:

omg - the rollovers drive me nuts!

Posted 3 years ago

phajn319 says:

web UI has no clear black and white colors but I do need a nice clear black and white web UI. I mean NOT _gray_ on white! and NOT dark gray on gray!

Posted 3 years ago

mbuccella says:

Please, God, yes. Now. Please.

Posted 3 years ago

jhuesos says:

The web ui must need improvements everywhere! It's good that you focus on mobile, tablets, etc, but what about the users of the web app?

Posted 3 years ago

dominic.spachmann Pro says:

yes, please, an update! a nice UI with FUN!

At the same time I would appreciate to remain the shortcuts (I am a keyboard guy), seaches etc.
So it is more: more options and features and remaining easy :)
But more options for seaching, lists on the left (like "A bit better..."), easier moving, more options to sort tasks, and sorting with the mouse...., that would be awesome :)

Posted 3 years ago

dominic.spachmann Pro says:

anything new about that idea?

Posted 3 years ago

louis.cypher says:

+1 for keyboard shortcuts remaining intact.

Personally I'd love to see the notes contents rolled up and abbreviated on the main screen. After 5-6 years of devotion to RTM, I'm finding myself trying out thedeadline to get a better web ui and a better overview of the week ahead.

The iPhone & iPad UIs are working well for me.

Posted 3 years ago

nselander Pro says:

A new UI that integrated some of the A Bit Better RTM (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/glcdefibajbglmeelclffdbakgjjjopc) functionality would be great!
Specifically, a keyboard shortcut to move tasks to a list and lists down the left side (instead of tabs) would make the web UI much more usable. I grimace every time the user script breaks and I have to use vanilla RTM.

Posted 2 years ago

roel.nicolai Pro says:

I agree on this.
- First i was using only webapp
- then after a while RTM on android phone and ipad.
- since rtm on android and ipad is more focused on due dates I have the feeling i'm constantly switching in working method while using both interfaces styles (in webapp i'm using tag for 'Most Important Tasks' (MIT), in android/ipad app I don't use these that much.

Posted 2 years ago

neilio Pro says:

Man, if I could vote for this two dozen times, I would. LOVE the functionality, but the UI (especially the stacked tabs) is, as the pirates say, driving me nuts.

Posted 2 years ago

jadepearli says:

using the android app and it's great. would love to see an updated website as well that has similarly well thought out functionality. ditto to neilio's comments about the stacked tabs. but of course, please keep the keyboard shortcuts. :D

Posted 2 years ago

rvagbay Pro says:

hope the UI will be updated..it feels overwhelming to see all projects stacked up on each other..Ipad UI is great! :)

Posted 2 years ago

kmf says:

This needs to happen

Posted 2 years ago

bernisim says:

IMHO, re-editing of elements is very unintuitive and with small (but annoying) inconsistencies.
UI :
- put BIGGER fonts and more space among lines (now it' too difficult)
- use different style (e.g. bold) between title and relative text and make a fixed vertical alignment among fields to make it more clear the differences among titles and text
- make much more evident the actual blue link-line between element and frame for editing

In the future, I'd like a double click to pop-up a more easy (bigger and complete) editing window (leaving also the current small upper right frame)
I'd like also a slow double click on list to re-editing element text on-the-fly (without clicking on list, then clicking on text field of editing frame,press ESC or other to deselect all (99% times I don't need to substitute all: I'd prefer a non pre-select all) and finally editing it

In re-editing frame:
- use the calendar-icon in date field to open a popup calendar to choose from (as 99% of other sites) instead of simple editing (that could be made by clicking on text and not on icon)
- in category field, automatically show a check-box list of categories (and it's strange create a new element using "#" for categories, but not in re-editing)
- also would be useful an help to choose also for repeat field options (using the field icon)
- clicking on element or text usually activate the editbox editing...except clicking on name category (but not on icon beside) that filter elemens for this category.
IMHO it's uninituitive and perhaps not so necessary since can be already made (in more intuitive way) by clicking on cloud category frame.

Posted 2 years ago

ursbraem says:


Posted 1 year ago

woodywould Pro says:

Definitely overdue a refresh.

There's clearly a big desire for vertical list menus rather than tabs, and I agree with most of bernesim's thoughts...

Would love tasks to be bigger at the top of the list than at the bottom (priority or even due, depending on your sort order?).

Posted 1 year ago

remco_bos says:

I'm a RTM fan but the current web UI is unusable.

Posted 1 year ago

relevart Pro says:

I am really looking forward to a redesigned web app, maybe something similar to Android tablet app. Hope you are working on it tirelessly :)

Posted 1 year ago

otrombor says:

Oh yeees, please!!! The UI for the android app is so much easier to use and so much prettier to look at. Please adopt some of this UI! I would make RTM so much better!!

Posted 1 year ago

halaszvarig Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

fant Pro says:

I would like to see a gui similar to android

Posted 1 year ago

carmbruster says:

Would love to See the ipad or Android interface as the web app for Rtm too

Posted 9 months ago

mattpackwood Pro says:

I vote to keep the either the current set up or go to something closer to the old iPhone interface.

Posted 6 months ago

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