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Command to uncomplete tasks

(closed account) says:
i'm using rtm as my grocery list and loving it. especially the fact that i can use twitter (on my mobile) to add task.
i have a set of grocery list which i marked as complete and then uncomplete as the need for the item arises (which i can do through web). but like we all now - the need for a grocery item pops up in my head when i'm out and about - so i'd like to be able to do it through twitter. i can add new grocery item through twitter - but it'd be cleaner if i am able to uncomplete the item.
can somebody tell me if this is available? if so, what is the command? if not, how should i go with making it available? i'm a developer n i can see that there is an api to uncomplete task :P
Posted at 1:51am on October 9, 2009
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