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Add tasks by mentioning @rtm (alternative to direct message)

kaypearl says:
I would like to be able to do the following when posting links on Twitter:

"25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer @rtm #typo #fonts #tools #design"


I love RTM's ability to tag my notes by adding the "#" symbol but currently, you could only add notes via Twitter by DMing the tweet.

It's a bit tedious because in order to give the tweet to my followers and myself, I would have to tweet it TWICE.

This means I'd have to post "25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer" to my public timeline.

Then DMing it to myself again, example, "d rtm 25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer #typo #fonts #tools #design" to be able to add it to RTM.

Sorry for bringing up Evernote again into the RTM Forums but Evernote already supports this and it helps keeping notes a lot faster to my Evernote account.

However, there's one flaw in Evernote's connection with Twitter, it does not allow hash-tagging to add tags to your Evernote Notebook.

This is why I prefer RTM, it ALLOWS HASH-TAGGING and saves me time from adding tags later on like in Evernote's desktop client for Mac or Windows.

Posted at 8:43am on September 27, 2009
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