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When using Smart Add, make the 'Esc' key take you out of the list of suggestions, not the entire field

toby.cole says:
I really like the Smart Add and the new multi-select behaviour.
However when you've got a list of suggestions up my initial reaction to get rid of it is to hit ESC. This clears the entire task, and I've found myself retyping tasks often.
It'd be nice if the ESC closed the current suggestions if there are any, then if you hit it again it'd clear the task box.
Posted at 10:23am on September 14, 2009
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This was fixed with the new Remember The Milk. Thanks for your feedback!
Posted 1 year ago
janvanderploeg says:
Yeah, I recognize this! It happens to me very often. So, +1 for the idea to reprogram the Esc function.
Posted 8 years ago
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