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Option to create new lists if trying to email a non-existent list

jason.egger says:
I tried sending an import with a nonexistant list as the subject, and it dumped the tasks into the Inbox. It would be nice if RTM would go ahead and create the new list automatically and populate it with the tasks specified. I'm planning on using the lists for projects, and tags for contexts, and it would be nice to just write a project plan, send it, and have it pop up as a seperate list.

Thanks for a great Product!
Posted at 5:04pm on April 20, 2006
mborus says:
Nice idea, but it should be optional. Personally I wouldn't like to have each typo turned into a new folder...
Posted 9 years ago
eric.chapman says:
This would be really good for GTD style projects (canned projects)
i know most people who use GTD struggle with keeping projects under control.
This would help.
Posted 6 years ago
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