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Link to a contact's published lists from the Contacts screen

jfiat says:
I'd like to see an easy way to check the published list of a contact.

Either by integrated my contacts' published list.
Or at least, in the "Contacts" page, add a "View list published by UserName" in the same way we have "View tasks shared with UserName"

The link would be obviously

Posted at 8:39am on August 5, 2009
jfiat says:
For now, my workaround is to create a dummy task "Published lists" and add a note with a list of published lists' url ...

not very nice, but this is the best way I found.

(I know "sharing", is better integrated , but I don't want to use list sharing, since I don't want other to have write access to any list)

It might be good to have a kind of lifestream for our contacts
This way, we can be notified of new tasks, or new status on published list of my contacts

This would help for team collaboration.
Posted 10 years ago
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