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Drag and drop tasks on a calendar interface to change due dates

pbeens says:
I'd love to see an interface where I have a calendar (similar to Google Calendar) where I can drag and drop my tasks to change the due date. I think this would be an extremely helpful interface when managing numerous tasks.

It doesn't have to be a dedicated, new interface. Modifying the Google Calendar RTM plugin would be perfect, at least for me.

Thanks for listening!
Posted at 3:05pm on August 3, 2009
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Two-way CalDAV syncing would let us do this in either iCal or Outlook so that Bob didn't need to code a new UI. Fingers crossed this may happen one day.
Posted 12 years ago
cecolon says:
I also would like to see what pbeens suggested! It would give a better overview of upcoming tasks, and easier reallocation of tasks.

Today, I use Google Calendar to get the overview, and find the tasks in RTM and change date manually. It works, but a calendar in RTM would be much better!
Posted 12 years ago
mkamp says:
Yeah, that would be an awesome feature.

I always felt that it is kind of awkward to move todo items and last night I thought about drag'n'drop to be solution. And of course this has already been asked and now I sure hope to see this coming quickly ;-)

Following up on what ranbarton says, using iCal would work for me too btw.
Posted 12 years ago
leah.shalom Power Poster says:

If you use Firefox (mac or PC) you can use a script which allows drag and drop. Please see

Posted 12 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
The two feeds requesting two-way iCal syncing are now up to over 140 replies each:

The desire to see and work with RTM tasks in a calendar view is as old as the hills. A few examples:
Posted 12 years ago
dalelane says:
I've come to this thread a bit late (sorry!) but I have made something to do this sort of thing - drag and drop on a calendar to set the due date of RTM tasks - which might be useful for some people.
Posted 8 years ago
romazepa says:
Dalalane, something is not working in your scheduler
Posted 5 years ago
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