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Support for Wii Console reminders

christopher.c.parker says:
Like many who use RTM, I love having my RTM tasks available to me wherever I go. However, I'm a forgetful person, and I don't always remember to check my RTM tasks (I don't have a smartphone, and txt is too expensive for me).

I recently got a Nintendo Wii console, which has the ability to receive e-mail via a special address formatted like this:

w[Console's Wii Number]

There's a catch, though. In order to receive e-mail from anyone, you have to add the e-mail address to your console's address book. Once you do that, a confirmation e-mail is sent to that address, and the receiver has to respond to that specific e-mail (I think the Wii mailserver or the console itself checks the Message-Id). Once they do that, you may send/receive e-mails with that address.

One of the really cool features of the Wii e-mail (wiimail?) is the string of blue LEDs around the disc slot lights up whenever you have unread messages on your Wii Message Board (the Wii's version of an Inbox).

I'd love to be able to receive RTM reminders (wiiminders?) on my Wii console. However, considering that both the Wii and RTM require e-mail verification, I don't see how this is currently possible. Setting up an auto-forward in the middle won't work, because the forwarded e-mail will still show up as being from (I tried this first, by setting up an alias on my adding it to both my Wii and RTM). Instead of writing a custom mail script that rewrites the From: and To: headers in the reminder e-mails, I think it would be great if RTM natively supported the Wii e-mail system.
Posted at 9:19pm on August 2, 2009
mehardin says:
Don't use an alias in the middle, just a regular gmail address. And don't use the auto forward option, which as you have seen, preserves in the from field. Instead set up a filter to forward, that doesn't work like auto forwarding. It will put YOUR address in the middle.
Posted 8 years ago
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