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Firefox add-on for adding tasks

superwulf says:
remenber the milk is bery very nice, bud i need a Firefox Plugin for Submitting my new tasks.
Posted at 8:52pm on July 17, 2009
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Email, Twitter, and bookmarklets all support rapid task input - what do you seek in a plugin that is not possible with one of the other methods?
Posted 14 years ago
leah.shalom Power Poster says:

What about the RTM bookmarklet? See
Posted 14 years ago
mehardin says:
Does not allow you to set repeat values, time estimates, location, priority, url.....
Posted 14 years ago
mehardin says:
for email or twitter you have to go to those pages, might as well go to the rtm page. the bookmarklet would be great if it offered all the fields.
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
Ubiquity has great rtm-integration. I love it :D
Posted 14 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
you can also get a bookmarklet that uses the mobile site to add tasks. You get those fields (and it uses your current URL, which makes it great for adding tasks for webpages).

kottkrig, yes, this is true. :)
Posted 14 years ago
alexey.fedorov says:
I think it will be great to have extension which can add a new tasks by selecting text in web page with context menu "Add to Remember The Milk!". I think it is very easy to implement. Very often I use copy-paste for it, it is very uncomfortably. All mobile platforms have "sent to" option.
Posted 12 years ago
cgfrost says:
I made one,

I still have more features to add but comments are welcome.
Posted 8 years ago
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