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Export Smart List to Excel

samycchn says:
After I created a Monthly Status Smart List, I found the list is too long to summarize. However, there is no way to export the Smart List. I can only Print it. Please consider to add export function to Smart list. Export to text, CSV or Excel are needed. Thank you.
Posted at 6:52am on June 26, 2009
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Create the list to print, save as HTML, open in Excel, and you'd be in pretty good shape. That's what I do.
Posted 9 years ago
samycchn says:
oh, thx!
Posted 9 years ago
koetjeboeh says:
Still would be nice include notes etc.
Posted 9 years ago
soloviov says:
Export would be handy anyway. Especially for those using RTM not only for ToDo lists, but any lists.
Posted 9 years ago
takashi.unno says:
I can print list or export CSV.
Posted 7 years ago
alejandropolit1370 says:
Go PREFERENCES - INFORMATION and copy Servicio iCalendar Events (Todas las Listas).
Go GOOGLE CALENDAR - CALENDAR (LOW LEFT) - and select add URL and paste -
In the calendar te task are viewed.
GO TO and generate report to excell
Posted 6 years ago
merlyn333 says:
It should exist a native way to export task lists to Excel.
Posted 6 years ago
the_stevee says:
that would be really helpful to integrate in our team reportings.
Posted 5 years ago
stevep771 says:
The work-around mentioned above does work. Go to one of your lists or do an advanced search. At the right side of screen, in the box you have an option to print. This creates a printer friendly version of the page. Now right-click on the page and choose 'save.' In save dialog box, choose 'single page htm.' This creates an htm file that you can open in excel.

Once in Excel, i made a spreadsheet that you can paste your data into and it will parse the data so you can save it as csv. If anyone is interested, i can make the sheet available. I know it's not ideal. Is a multi-step process. But if you're desparate, it works.
Posted 5 years ago
emma_turner says:
I'd really like this feature - I have a fortnightly meeting where we report on what we have completed and in line for the following two weeks. I can print the lists but it doesn't give any details like time taken etc so we can track back and see how much time in total we spent on a project and whether it was more or less etc.

Posted 3 years ago
tscherf says:
Would love to see a native export function as well. It's definitely useful for reporting tasks.
Posted 3 years ago
sschorer says:
I just exported my list in an easier way: simply print the list to a PDF. I then was able to see the list in WORD. Also, my PDF program can extract text. I extracted the text and was able to view the text file in WORD. Both the first and second methods yielded files that were editable.
Posted 1 year ago
kngrmd1 says:
option to export import tasks easily via csv or excel,with all info like notes, tags,notes, duedates, repeating scenario are essential please

may be smartsearch etc., does not have to be exported/imported.
Posted 11 months ago
jimborooney says:
I second this - would be very convenient to export to something like excel. .ics file is a bit obscure.
Posted 8 months ago
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